High school students at Unife during the Epixchange project

Two students from the classic High School “Ludovico Ariosto” were hosted in the laboratory, by Silvia Zucchini, Marilyne Labasque and Pascal Trempat, for a one-week intership with the goal to provide students a first contact with the professional world while they are still at school. During a week, they were sensibilized to EC 7th FW project Epixchange, especially to the project part that aims to silent the Bdnf gene using (HSV-1)- derived amplicon vectors during epileptogenesis. The two students have learnt with Marilyne and Pascal two techniques, Western Blot and immunofluorescence, that are currently used to analyze the anti- o pro-epileptogenic effects of Bdnf silencing approaches. The students have observed all the experimental steps for the Western blot with Pascal from the sample preparation to the BDNF protein revelation. In parallel, with Marilyne, they have practiced the immunofluorescence on cryostat-sectioned brain slices and have observed with a fluorescent microscope the neuronal and glial cell populations after MAP2 and GFAP immunostainings. The two students were highly motivated and interested by our research and have asked many questions during the week! We were happy to welcome them in the laboratory.